About Onboarding Cloud Accounts

Illumio supports onboarding your AWS and Azure cloud accounts with CloudSecure.

For the steps to onboard the supported cloud accounts, see Onboard an AWS Cloud Account and Onboard an Azure Cloud Account.

The Onboarding Wizard

To make the onboarding process easier, CloudSecure provides a wizard to assist you with onboarding your cloud accounts. The wizard uses the following workflow:

Connect to the cloud account → Set up Access → Confirm and Save

The overall onboarding process for both AWS and Azure clouds follows this workflow with some minor differences; such as when onboarding AWS, customers can have CloudSecure send the authentication token from AWS back to CloudSecure. When onboarding Azure, retrieving the authentication token is a manual process.

The first time that you log in, the page displays a message that you need to add your cloud accounts to CloudSecure.

After you onboard a new cloud account, the Cloud Onboarding page appears with a new row for the account.

After Onboarding Cloud Accounts

After onboarding a cloud account, you can perform the following tasks from the Onboarding page.

  • View the details about an account

    Click an account name link to view the details about the account.

  • Delete an account or multiple accounts

    To delete multiple account, select them from the Onboarding list and click Remove. Or, open an account details page and click Remove.

  • Change an account name in CloudSecure

    Click an account name link to view the details about the account and click Edit.

  • Search for accounts

    From the Onboarding page, using the Search filter, search by name, account ID, and by account type – AWS vs Azure.

For information about how cloud account onboarding fits into the overall recommended workflow for successful CloudSecure usage, see What to Do Next.