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Welcome to Illumio Core 21.2 documentation!

This documentation portal contains information about Illumio Core 21.2.


Illumio Core 21.2 is available for Illumio Core On Premises customers only.

On premises customers install Illumio Core in their own data centers. This documentation portal provides all the information on premises customers needed to segment their environments and secure their workloads. If you are an Illumio Core Cloud customer, go to the 22.1 Technical Documentation or 21.5 Technical Documentation depending on your release of Illumio Core.


The Illumio Core platform was previously known as the Illumio Adaptive Security Platform (ASP). References to "Adaptive Security Platform" and ASP still appear in this documentation portal.

Learn about the newest features in this release.

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See, segment, secure workloads

Illumio Illumio Core delivers real-time visibility and micro-segmentation capabilities to give you the control needed to stop lateral movement in any data center and cloud.

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What's New

What's New

Learn about Core 21.2

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Deploy Core

Deploy PCE & VEN

Deploy the PCE & VEN software

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Upgrade Core

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Managed and Unmanaged

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Core Container Integration

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Guides for Previous Releases

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