VEN Installation, Upgrade, and Administration

When you are an Illumio Core Secure Cloud customer, Illumio Operations hosts and manages the PCE infrastructure used to provide Illumio Core services. Customers do not install or manage any Illumio Core PCE software in their environments.

However, Illumio Core Cloud customers are responsible for deploying and managing the Illumio Virtual Enforcement Node (VEN) software on their workloads.


The 22.3.0 release consists of updated software for the PCE software. This release does not include a 22.3.0 release for the Illumio VEN. Instead, you install and manage the Illumio VEN version per your Cloud SLA.

About the VEN

The VEN is a lightweight agent that sends and receives information, programs pre-existing enforcement points, and detects policy violations.

A VEN can be installed on any workload, including virtual machines, bare-metal servers, public cloud instances, and containers. Think of a VEN as an antenna—it sends and receives information. The VEN collects information about which IP addresses the workload is talking to, tying the running processes on the workload to the ports and protocols. It then sends this telemetry to the Policy Compute Engine (PCE).

For a general overview, see Virtual Enforcement Node on the Illumio corporate website.

VEN Documentation Resources

See the following documentation for information about deploying and managing VENs on the workloads in your environment: