VEN Installation and Upgrade Guide

This guide provides all the information necessary to install and upgrade VENs on the hosts in your environment.

This guide explains the two methods for installation; namely, using the PCE web console to pair VENs with your hosts or to download the VEN software from the Illumio Support portal and install the software by using the VEN command line interface.


This documentation portal contains the VEN Installation and Upgrade Guide 23.2.

VENs for Illumio Core Cloud Customers

When you are an Illumio Core Cloud customer, Illumio Operations hosts and manages the PCE infrastructure used to provide Illumio Core services. Customers do not install or manage any Illumio Core PCE software in their environments.

However, Illumio Core Secure Cloud customers are responsible for deploying and managing the Illumio Virtual Enforcement Node (VEN) software on their workloads.