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Illumio Core

Segmentation for cloud and on-premises data center workloads

Reduce the impact of breaches and ransomware with three easy steps to stop the spread.

Illumio Endpoint

Segmentation for end-user devices

Eliminate the risk users pose to your data center by extending Zero Trust to endpoint devices.

Illumio Xpress

Segmentation for cloud and on-premises data center workloads

Segmentation for Illumio Cloud customers with many pre-populated policy objects and policy templates.

Illumio for Managed Services Providers

Segmentation by MSPs and MSSPs on behalf of their customers

Onboard customers into Illumio Core, Illumio Express, or Illumio Edge in the Illumio Cloud and then manage and administer those Illumio products on their behalf.

Illumio Edge

Segmentation for end-user devices

Endpoint security by delivering visibility and segmentation to the endpoint.