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Welcome to Illumio CloudSecure documentation!

This documentation portal contains information about the Illumio CloudSecure release. It provides the complete set of content for onboarding your cloud accounts, defining your cloud environments in CloudSecure, and creating security policy.

Agentless Segmentation for your Public Cloud

Illumio CloudSecure delivers visibility of your cloud infrastructure in minutes to drive your segmentation program. CloudSecure collects object metadata and flow telemetry from your public cloud accounts and builds a model and Cloud Map of your resources. Especially useful for enterprises with resources in various environments (AWS and Azure), CloudSecure provides a consolidated view of all of your traffic and provides a single set of controls for writing and managing policies.

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About the Illumio Free Trial

  • When signing up for the Free Trial, you have 30 days to evaluate Illumio Products, including CloudSecure
  • To extend your evaluation period beyond 30 days, contact your sales representative before your 30-day trial ends
  • You can only extend your 30-day Free Trial twice, so that you have a total trial of 90 days to evaluate Illumio