Endpoint Installation and Usage Guide


This documentation portal contains the Endpoint Installation and Usage Guide 23.2.

Historically, Illumio documentation has referred to server workloads as simply “workloads” and to endpoint workloads as simply “endpoints.” This guide expands the term “workloads” to refer to both “server workloads” and “endpoint workloads.”

Prior to this release, Illumio supported installing VENs on server workloads. Starting in Illumio Core 21.3.0 and later releases, you can manage and segment Windows endpoints along with server workloads from the Illumio Core.

This guide describes how to visualize and segment workloads running on Windows endpoints from a single Illumio Core PCE. It includes requirements, guidelines, and configuration instructions for installing and using the Illumio Endpoint in Illumio Core.

For information about creating policy for server workloads and endpoints, see the Security Policy Guide in this documentation portal.

For information about installing the VEN, see the VEN Installation and Upgrade Guide.